Servant Quarters

“He was among them as one who serves.”So it is said of 2 of my heroes: Jesus – and Gayle D. Erwin. One you might have heard of, the other maybe not (and I’m pretty sure he’d like to keep it that way).

Gayle plays a one-string guitar - portraying Jesus as servant – leading by example, not lording it over others, humble, child-like, least, last, not using force, no selfish ambition, not concerned with reputation, being human (real), obedient to the Father even to death – for the sake of others.

With a twinkle in his eye, a story in his pocket, a great sense of humor, and colorful suspenders, Gayle Erwin travels the world telling stories that carry The Story, encouraging countless many in living the Jesus Style.

I’ve been listening to (and watching) Gayle for about 40 years and I’ve learned a multitude of important things: being other-centered, how not to be manipulated, how to lead by example, letting love cast out fear, etc

Recently I was invited to his and Ada’s 60th Anniversary party – to me such an honor – and there they were being among us as ones who serve.

Have a look or a listen for yourself at   The Servant Quarters


Me & Jack # 9

Been awhile since I took up paw & pen – and much has happened.

I’ve amazed Jack with my ability to flip 360s on a dime – blew him away the other day with 5 in a row – no big deal but he’s easily amused.

He dragged a tree into the house the other day – had some white crap on it that got all over the house – have no idea what that’s all about. He’s an odd one.

One night, late, I heard a crash coming from where Jack was sleeping. I dragged my sleepy butt up and went to investigate. Well there he was – on the floor – with a blanket and lamp on his head- tables turned, water all over –said he fell out of bed and cracked his head – lying there – said he had a dream – must have been a helluva dream. Poor Nuckinfutz – I pity the fool. Think I’ll get him a helmet to wear for this day he dragged the tree in for.

Shipped me off with the Chinese lady again. Says Im going on a date – with Olive (now what the hell kind of name is that for a dog – something you put in a martini!) Well turned out we went to a big park with a bunch dogs running around sniffing each others’ butts – now theres a fun date! How does he think these things up?I tolerated it but I missed Happy Hour.

Jack got fed up with my licking – got on his lap machine (thus displacing me again) and googled “Dog lick” – says I don’t get enough exercise or affection – damned straight! So he’s changing his tune and playing with me more wherein I threw him a bone when I turned 5 360’s.

Final gripe – He cant get it through his head I don’t eat dog food. Keeps trying to feed me that crap – I like hot-dogs – heated. Well he keeps trying & I keep giving him the disappointed look. He sighs and goes to get a hot dog. Well-trained Id say – Damn wuss.

Suzy's Bar & Grill

Gospel Lunch

Brent George Band - When I left there was no roof left - they'd blown it off - Brent took the crowd higher up with his original Blues & Rock creations- all done in a bow-tie!. Randy's bass & Eddie Gonzo's slick licks provided all Brent needed to "scorch" the frets. Snow provided the perfect vocal complement to Brent's - and "Trump-Pete" worked his magic on the horn - all of it done in gratitude of God.

Sunday monthly Gospel Lunches were the brain child  of "Tiki" a lady with soul & savvy (Think Bonnie Raitt) who has taken a stand - leading the bar crowd into praise of the Originator of all good gifts. This was my kind of church - and more importantly the kind of place you'd find Jesus hanging out. (a bunch of us from Captain's Wheel surely did.)

I saw Stevie Ray's last concert before he died - I do believe the mantel has been passed - to the man in the bowtie.

brebt G.jpg

Me & Jack #7

Well, he’s gone again – keeps running away from home (again the dogs get a bad rap). He comes & he goes – who has to do all the work? I have to keep watch, chase wild creatures away, and bark at all the bells & dings. I try to bring his underwear out into the family room to fold – he keeps putting it back – no wonder I take so many naps.

Bells & dings. Lots of them in this house. I bark at them to chase them away. Jack keeps saying its ok – it’s the tv or oven timer or door bell – but you & I know they all come from the same place – the smoke alarm.

(One of us is crazy – It aint me babe – oops that Dylan crap of his is rubbing off on me- That’s why I scratch so much – trying to get Mr Tambourine man’s voice to stop making my skin crawl – Jack actually likes it – so we can all see who’s Nuckingfutz)


These days I’m trying to teach Jack who’s the Alpha dog. When he walks to the bedroom I run ahead & jump up on his pillow thus establishing positional authority. Think he pays attention? Hell no! He has the nerve to pick me up & put me at the bottom of the bed. What nerve – Well I guess I will go knock some pillows down and teach him who’s boss.

While I’m flowing in a stream of consciousness let’s talk about dog food. Have u read the ingredients? “Moisty chuncks of chicken, liver, and who the hell knows what? Who they kidding? And he serves me this crap twice a day. I ain’t eatin’ any such thing. He says I’m picky & spoiled. I say “You eat mine, I’ll eat yours.” So he gave a little of his steak to me – Now we’re talking! But just when I thought we’d made a breakthrough, here come the Kibble & Bits. He will soon learn who da’ big dog – damn wuss!




Me & Jack #6

Well Dr Jack Nuckinfutz has been at it again. Takes off for the Philippines for 3 weeks (why? Who knows! Hence my name for him). Dumps me on some Chinese lady I’d never seen before and this blues guy friend of his. “Nee How Ma Baby Done Left Me “- What the Gehenna?

So he goes to the Phil’s, gets shaken down by cops - And even by the people he was trying to help. Poor bastard - ya gotta know they see him coming a mile away. Finally drags his sorry ass home and what does he do? Gives me a bath ! Which is tantamount to the Tweetster & Rocket Man trading war whoops. Well i got outta there quick and tore around the house knocking all pillows down (the ultimate rebellion - ready for Berkeley?)

Then there’s a couple of incidents where some pizza was missing -Who got blamed? The dog of course.” I was framed I tell ya’ “-And he did - frame them - pics of me with a piece of pizza hanging outta my mouth. Pepperoni. Well now I’m in the dog house Jack kicked me outta bed like some Rod Stewart song.

One final bitch I got. Dr Nuck gets home from the Philippines and decides to put A/C in our house. Says it helps his asthma & he sleeps better- -now I’m freezing my ass off and Dr Nuckinfutz is sleeping like a baby - big wuss


Me & Jack (Part 5)

Marley here... As in Bob & Ziggy... I'm a Rastafarian mixed-breed Terrier... Stick that in your pipe & smoke it! 

Well it was a pretty good week until the cheese was missing. Jack's pepper-jack cheese. "Who took my cheese?" he demanded. "Hey, good name for a book" I sarcastically replied (His Jersey attitude is rubbing off on me). "I only moved it (haha)". The fact that it was lodged in my gut seemed irrelevant at the time. Well as we battled over semantics he forgot about the cheese. i didn't.

For all his quirks & oddities Jack really tries... too hard. He found some stuff to spray on me to rid me of fleas - damn near killed me - and the fleas were not impressed. But he brushed me, it felt good, I looked cute (and I knew it) - the hounds didn't stand  chance.

And today he got magnanimous (heard it on Jeopardy) - he took me to the beach. After a half-assed parking job, and dropping meter coins all over the car, we got out for a walk - going where only a few thousand dogs have gone before. He was so enamored with the ocean view - I only smelled dog pee. But he forgot the pooper scooper bags & stressed over what to do if i did hunker down - so, naturally I faked it a few times watching him freak out - such a wuss - a magnanimous wuss -  Makes you wonder who the master really is - doesn't it?

Me & Jack (part 4)

He’s getting’ on my nerves. Thinks he owns the joint. And he’s got something up his butt about that chair. – the battle for control is on – a game of thrones – he’s going down –oh my what’s that? I am airborne – wait – smooth landing - & he’s got his serious face on (hard to take him serious without that beard) – yeah he shaved – looks ridiculous – “Some people say there’s a woman to blame – buy I say it’s his own damn fault” oops that’s in Margaritaville- fool’s still lookin’ for his long lost jigger of salt (I hid it)

He does feed me – and gives me snacks – and a bone – I can say that for him. But he doesn’t appreciate my alliance with the Pit Bulls next door, not our neighborhood choir practice – (“Howl Fest” he calls it) ; I am, after all, protecting his ass. Boy I have a lot of work to do. And I do love the weird little man – he just doesn’t understand the fine art of licking . Wuss. 

Brent George

Hey 19
Tonight - Mr Brent George - at the Hey 19 club in Torrance. Texas bluesman- Gospel provacateuer - Brent comes riding in on humility & exits with grace - blowin' the roof off in-between. 9pm. And Sunday morning Brent will lend his authentic touch to worship at the Captain'sWheel in PV - Hesse Park on Hawthorne at 10:30 am

Me & jack (Part 3)

I had a bath… I ate a rat…It was quite a day

Jack has a thing about being clean – takes two showers a day – expects me to take one once or twice a month – ya’ gotta be kidding me!. I can hear a bath coming a mile away – and I head for the hills – But Jack isn’t as dumb as he looks – he locked all the escape hatches & I was done for. So we took it to the mat. We wrestled it out & he won – barely – but I wore him out – taught him a lesson, I’ll be quicker next time.


And then there was the rat. Don’t know what the big deal was. I found the rat – dead & half decomposed. I just got the backbone out & he came freakin’out & took it away – helluva nerve. ( I gotta start my own stash.). Don’t know what he has against rats. Such a wuss.


So baths & rats – these are the things that try a dog’s soul – yes we have them - but sooner or later I will have him trained – you can bet on it!