In the House, On that Day

"Clifford Young Jr - is in the House!" How I love saying those words - for Cliff is an extraordinary young man and I'm privileged to know him. When we meet in a restaurant, I am greeted by "DAD!" - from across the room - which elicits stares from those around - Cliff is black and i am white (I'd tell them his mom is Japanese but we're already straining credulity.) And there the stories and laughter begin interwoven by meaningful chatter. Cliff is a multitalented music man: piano, vocals, choir director - and finally blowin' horn- after a many-year butt-kickin' - and last Sunday it was sweet. He also is a fine educator - we first met at the school district. And to all this add Marriage & Family Counselor. He comes bearing many gifts wherever he roams. But most importantly he's my friend - "Greater love has no man..." Come on out this Sunday at The Hope - for Clifford Young Jr will be "In the House, On That Day"