Playing My Cards

One of our favorite families - the Boyds (Mark, Stephanie, Tyler & Carter)- invited us for dinner at their home. Mark threw in a comment that he had a surprise for me - every time with these folks is a nice surprise, Shortly after arriving I was presented with a CD & lyrics, "Playing My Cards". Mark, an aerospace engineer had once been a musician in the Hollywood scene, had written a song based on my sermon "Playing the Hand You're Dealt"(see Writings), and playing all the instruments, recorded it. The family then gathered us to listen to it. My tears spoke of the honor I felt. Thank you Mark for such a gift. Thank you Boyds for making us part of your family. I am a very blessed man to share life with you. Ok, Tyler, deal - and keep an eye on Carter the math guy. And Steph, you and your "gravy" rock!