On the Loose

Dusting for God's Fingerprints is out and on the loose!

There is one book in the Bible where God’s name does not appear. However, if we look at the story in retrospect, His fingerprints are all over it. So it is sometimes in our lives. Listening to our own stories, we find clues to detect God’s hand in our lives.

My journey from Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride to Playing the Hand You’re Dealt points in directions where prints may be found. Adam and Eve Up a Tree and Remembering to Laugh give Biblical insights in how to look for the prints. Nicaraguan epiphanies, Redemptive Winks, and The Language of Grace (As Overheard in a Blues Club) help us catch glimpses of God’s hand in our lives when none seems apparent.

A Grain of Wheat points us to the kind of heart transplant necessary in looking for prints and what life is like when we find some. Joey’s Equation (forgiveness), Sam’s Club (compassion), and the Lion Lady (kindness) give us tools in removing obstacles to finding prints. The Dawn of the Remarkable reveals the one fingerprint that gives hope in making sense of it all.

Finally we connect the clues in a Theo-poeticjazz rendering of Dusting for God’s Fingerprints.

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