Good News in Unlikely Faces

There were times when I was a kid that I'd get in a religious kind of mood - especially around Christmas. I'd get on my knees, carefully open my Bible and begin to read Matthew chapter 1:1 all the way to verse 2 - where I hit the Wall of Genealogy - and thereby began to snore. This went on until a few years ago when I found there were some interesting & powerful things in King Jesus' ancestry - and they were Good News in several ways: Women were included as were those of bad reputation: Rahab, Tamar, & Bathsheba (prostitutes & adulterer) were included as was the Gentile Ruth. Jesus was carrying a lot of freight from the beginning - those formerly excluded were now included - in the Messiah's family - in the salvation he brought. Matthew, a hated tax-collecter must have chuckled while writing - realizing he was included too.