"God become flesh" - "God with us" - So we believe - it's Christmas. This One, Son of God, is born as the perfect image of God - the 'spittin' image of God ("He who has seen me has seen the Father"). The Genesis narratives declare that we've all been made in our Creator's image - thus conferring value & dignity upon each - made with capacities for creativity, communication, & relationship. A unique space within our core being is reserved for our Creator alone - we dare not occupy that place, nor allow anything/one else to control that place - neither should we try to enter another's 'God place'- there's no trespassing. This means we honor another's choice - even when we don't agree. It means we respect the freedom of the other - never restrict it. God's image has been marred in all of us - Son of God has come to help us become a "spittin' image" of our Creator & Father.