Home by Another Way

There up on our fireplace mantel is Aunt Jenny's manger scene - 100+ years old - our dog ate a shepherd (sheepdog?), a sheep has only 3 legs (I call him Tripod), and we've added a squirrel, not sure why but everybody's invited to this party. One of the Wise Men has lost both arms - but still he brings gifts - one of which is taking me back to the place of wonder. He and the other Magi had consulted the astronomical charts and made use of the best science of their day - which got them this far. A star of some kind took them further. From scriptures they got to Bethlehem and to the unlikely king - a threat to positions of power everywhere. Oh, and by dreams they got home - by another way. Seems God has many ways - science, scripture, nature, dreams - to get us where He wants us. When I feel stuck, God is just getting started. And in the end we will get home by another way - there lying in Aunt Jenny's manger.