"Launch Party"

On Sunday, we launched this website - www.jackcuzzi.com - Six months in the making, it was a gift from my son, Soh, to give me another voice since my vocal cord paralysis. We gathered at The Hope at 5:00 - but hit a tech glitch - I was doomed. But just then a family arrived and together the Boyds solved the problem. And then they were gone - angels?. Music then by Bob, Janice, & Kathy followed with amazing appetizers created & served by 'The Creatives" - Lee, Cynthia, & Diana who, utilizing our Sailing theme blew us away with their creativity: sailboat cup cakes, tile pendants reflecting our Tuesday Study (crosses within a ship's wheel), and sailor hats of all 30+ guests on board. A wonderful dinner with Communion woven in and shared encouragements topped off a great evening. Heartfelt thanks to all  who quietly made the Launch a meaningful success - Check this website out and let us know what you think.

                                     "The Creatives "

                                     "The Creatives"