Nice Surprises

Just returned home from the Hollywood Bowl where we had some nice surprises. Our friend gave us tickets to Harry Connick, Jr - What a show! Mr. C came out with a burst of musical energy that was sustained to the final encore. And what a great band behind him - incredible talent that found their groove tonight. My favorite song: "One Fine Thing".  Harry was friendly and funny - winning the crowd immediately.  This was a celebration for us: Kathy's brain MRI came back negative. And it was ironic that Mr. Connick had played Dr. Dennis Slamon in the movie "Living Proof" - the story of one doctor's valiant battle to bring Herceptin to the maintream which eventually saved thousands of women's lives who have had breast cancer - Dr. Slamon is Kathy's Specialist. But the greatest surprise of the night was Harry's introduction of a spiritual , and then belting out "How Great Thou Art" - in Hollywood! A night full of nice surprises.