It was a day to remember my dad's life and so our families entered upon Holy Grounds - Spaghetti Eddie's - one of Dad's favorite restaurants. We gathered to eat in his name, tell Dad stories, and to be thankful. - and so we did, and so we are. My early memories were of sitting on his lap after supper and drinking tea together; when I was sick with asthma he understood and would rub my back; and countlesss hours of playing catch. Not one given to compliments, he came to hear me speak and afterward told me, "You are a good teacher." And in later years we became friends - every weekend we talked, and laughed, and told stories. He was a craftsman which I admired. He worked long & hard to provide a very nice living for us. He would make sure his employees were paid - even if he wasn't. He loved kids, drawing, singing & dancing, humor, family gatherings, cheesecake and old cars. He was one-of-a-kind for whom I'm thankful. We remembered him well today - and therein lies the honor. And as per usual, he picked up the check.