At The Hope

Things are getting lively at The Hope. Could God be up to something? It all starts on the first Monday of the month - Big Band Swing with Pastor Sam. Things are getting cozy as folks discover one of the best kept secrets in the South Bay. On Tuesdays our core meets to "study the maps' of our faith journey - presently II Corinthians. Ishmael leads a ministry to "Gym Rats" aka "The Dungeon Krew" in intense workouts physically & spiritually. The "Captain's Wheel" gathers folks for a common meal with Communion interwoven. Cliff Young leads worship - stories of faith journeys & encouragements are shared - and this month Tim Morey brings us the Word. Thanks to the many old & new friends who came out for my last two speaking gigs: 'Redemptive Winks" and 'The Language of Grace (as Overheard in a Blues Club). Conversations, laughter. meaning & music. Something is definitely up - it's alive - and it smells like Hope.