"A Homey Vibe"

Long-awaited visit to younger son's home in San Mateo, CA. Soh & his Carmel (Pinky) brought thoughtful & creative hospitality to us & older bro Ryo that warmed this ol' dad's heart. His company Oculus was bought out by Facebook of rececent, precipitating the move to SF area. We got the FB tour - which is more like a self-contained city. This modern industrial-tech complex had to be a Nerd capital of the world - I'm so proud of Soh's creative work and his being a social glue in his department. I managed to have an allergic reaction to nuts while there and got to eperience FB health care (good, friendly, & free). We were treated to a fine Italian dinner for my birthday, and a winery tour of Napa Valley (on my bucket list)- first stop Jacuzzi Winery, of course. Laughter & affection permeated our time. It did indeed have, as Soh says, "a homey vibe". Many thanks to Soh & Pinky for a great weekend!