Humility in Hollywood?

My good friend, Old Man Potter, gave us tickets to the Hollywood Bowl last night: Bela Fleck, Chick Corea, and Wynton Marsallis. It was a classic Bowl night: Picnic dinner under the stars and Jazz. Bela was a nice surprise - doing amazing soulful things wih her voice and Chick Corea brought legend with him. But it was Mr. Marsallis that schooled us in the powerful ways of humility in music and in life. With deep respect and gratitude he introduced each composer and soloist. Always paying tribute to the greats upon whose shoulders we stand; the importance of each person's part in the tune was underscored. And when Wynton took his turn for a ride it was with great dignity grounded in deep humility - and therefore brilliant and properly reached one's soul - serving, silencing, shaping any who had ears to hear.