Kol Nidre/Yom Kippur

Today is the Day (Yom Kippur) & last night was the night (Kol Nidre)

10 of us ventured into very unfamiliar territory - the Jewish Community Center in Redondo Beach at the invitation of the congregation  (And a chat with the Rabbi) for The Highest of High Holy Days). The place was packed and men & women were divided. Yamulkes (Kippas) & prayer shawls everywhere. No leather shoes. Congregants swaying back & forth as they prayed - confessing sins of the past year. The New York choir led the songs & prayers. The Rabbi explained quickly for us goyim, translating the Hebrew - I was lost most of the night, but maybe I'd found a way home - an important source of my faith. Sins - a comprehensive list - were confessed. Prayers rooted in Israel's history portrayed a gracious, compassionate, & forgiving God - I recognized Him - same one found on the face of Jesus! 

After 2 hours I sensed our folks had had enough so we headed for Coco's where we shared what we saw & heard & felt & thought - and we laughed (things seem lighter when you're forgiven). What a wonderful group of people I get to share this journey with. Now let the Shofar be blown - All, and I mean all, Is forgiven - Thus saith the Lord!