"We're no longer in the realm of Science, but rather that of Art", said the UCLA specialist regarding Kathy's cancer status. Seems like she's used nearly all of the treatments currently available - and now we're about out of cards to play.

So we find ourselves in the Washington DC area to go through a week of various tests to see if she qualifies for a Vaccine clinical trial (AdHER2DC). It's a Phase 1 trial, which means it's the first time to be used with humans. It's had great success with mice but mice are not humans (Kathy blogged, " I wish I was a mouse!"). Her doctor thinks this is foolish, but Kathy has done her research & spiritual preparation and is ready for the challenge - she will know if she qualifies on Friday.

So here we are: with an unfamiliar rental car in an unfamiliar place with an unfamiliar GPS - about to walk a tightrope, betting there's a God-net underneath it all. Like all of life it's a crapshoot and we're ready to roll the dice.