"It's not fair!"

So, cry many, in complaint of God (or life) not living up to their expectations. Who gets blamed for all the bad stuff that happens in life? God. Who gets credit for all the good stuff? Hmmm....Today as I sat in the National Cancer Institute (Bethesda, MD) I thought about all it took to bring  healing responses to that hideous disease: doctors, nurses, medicines, chemo, radiation, buildings, funding, etc. Who was behind all this I wondered - and of course the last one to get credit is God. 

Jesus said of his disciples that they would do greater works than he.What did he mean & what might it look like? Hmmm...Maybe just like where I was sitting. I saw all that was involved in helping Kathy get another chance to live, to even be healed - and God was probably the last one that would get any credit for it by most folks. Maybe God is the only one who should rightly say, "It's not fair!" And, yet he doesn't. Why? Hmmm...

Maybe part of the answer lies in "Who" he is - the kind of God he is. Seems like one who goes quietly and humbly about his work - bearing the blame for not living up to our expectations while instigating healing for many - mostly without thanks. Seems like all he cares about is that we all might be ultimately healed. 

Yeah I can hear folks loading up their "buts" to all this - but maybe it would be better to get up off our butts and onto our knees - and just say thanks. 

National Institute of Cancers

National Institute of Cancers