No Red Flags (So Far)

Today was our first day in Bethesda, Maryland at the National Institute of Cancer. We've come all this way to see if Kathy might qualify for a Vaccine Clinical Trial (immunotherapy) - the frontier of cancer treatments.

It started with 13 vials for a variety of blood tests followed by a head & torso CT-Scan (no cancer in the brain). Then an EKG. We  were soon interviewed by Dr Collins who met with Dr Wood and they both came to talk with us. Concerns were expressed for effects of the vaccine, - a thorough analysis of Kathy's medical history was made - and the preliminary assessment was "No red flags" - good news - so far. We then went to the pain & palliative care office to explore treatments for her peripheral neuropathy & bad cough. We relaxed while ID cards were made. It was a long day, but an encouraging one. 

There's still four more days of tests, scans, and meetings - anything can happen. But we have good doctors, a comprehensive program, and some welcomed encouragement. Prayers bring God into the equation and therefore we can rest knowing it's all in His good hands.