All Systems Go!

It was a good day - all things considered. All blood tests were in, as were all scans "from lips to hips" (Dr. Wood.) Kathy's doctor went through all of them concluding: "If someone looked at all your tests they would not know you were someone fighting cancer" - and yet, there are those tumors in her lung & lymph nodes in her sternum. But when all is said & done, we were given the green light for Kathy to join in this cutting edge Vaccine trial.

Vaccine is a significant paradigm difference from chemotherapy. It releases your own body to attack the cancer in a more comprehensive way. Dr Wood's analogy was to contrast chemo (like a bomb hitting only a few spots) to vaccine ( letting in special forces to attack the whole tumor inside & out).

We have had the benefit of a wonderful doctor (thoroughly knowledgeable & helpfully communicative), friends who have helped defray costs & provide personal support, and a myriad of folks who pray - and a God who upholds us through it all.

So as of now it's "All systems GO!" We will be back in Bethesda in 2 weeks.