Slow Down

"Slow down - you move to fast - got to make the morning last..." 

Remember that? I remember singing it  to my best friend, Tim, from a phone on the New York bridge the song was named after - at 3 AM! (He wasn't quite "Feeling Groovy" at the time)

I'm finding wisdom in the call to slow down. Parkinson's has forced me to do so - my left side is a half step slower than the rest of me. If I don't consciously slow down I lose balance & fall - which is how many with PD die.

One of the benefits of slowing down is that we live more intentionally. Theres' more room for life to enter into the spaces, the rests between our steps - and life takes on more of a quality than a quantity- it is experienced more fully. 

How do we get free from the "tyranny of the urgent"? I think there are some clues in Mark 1. Jesus gets away from the demands of the crowds & goes to a high place to converse with his Father. When he comes down he rejects the urgencies of many and goes another way - more purposively. I think his ability to discern the better choice was derived from the time spent with the Father - and so, a place for us to begin. Maybe all the waiting we resent is an opportunity to slow down, talk with God, and discern a fuller way to experience life.