Back to Bethesda

And so we begin a new chapter in the Cancer Chronicles (Adventures in Being Upheld). Kathy qualified for the Phase I Clinical Vaccine Trial (Meaning it was real effective with mice, now we'll try it on humans (Kathy writes: " I wish I were a mouse"). Bethesda here we come - for 1st treatment (we will fly 1x/month for quite a while). It was only 2 years ago that we were in Bethesda, Israel & prayed there for healing.

Along the journey we have made many friends around the world. Strangers have become like family as we face a common foe - Info is shared, encouragement given, laughter & tears come easily - and so we are not alone. Christ with us/ Christ for us - navigating the mazes, creating the courageous, holding us up - now in our 7th year. We are pretty sure these momentary afflictions will not compare to an eternal weight of glory - part of which are all these companions on the journey.

Seems fitting that it's Autumn. Kathy looks forward to the changing colors in Maryland - parables I think of One who makes beauty out of even the dying - just to make sure we know Resurrection will have the Last Word - and so we head back to Bethesda.