Oh Mercy

"Go and learn what this means: " I desire Mercy, not sacrifice" Jesus

Grace is getting what you don't deserve; Mercy is not getting what you do deserve."

It's a wonderful thing to experience either or both. It's a sorrowful thing to experience neither.

And so has been my experience with some recent failures and responses of some who I thought would show Mercy but will not - sometimes "Mercy walks the plank." (Bob Dylan). 

Even with such warnings from Jesus in the story of The Unmerciful Servant and in his teachings: "Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive Mercy" - sometimes those we've trusted fail to bring Mercy when we need it. I'm glad God is "rich in Mercy" and of that we can be confident, coming boldly before his Throne of Grace

So if you have an opportunity, please lavish lots of Mercy on those who need it - you'll wind up getting some yourself.

          "Mercy walks the plank"

          "Mercy walks the plank"