There’s not many - but you probably know a few - Quality Human Beings (Q-Beans). I have quite a few. (God knows I am in need of more than most). Such are Joseph & Sharon Crane.

Joe is the brother you wish you had - Sharon the sister. They’ve spent their lives as architects of the most needed structures of all- building a family. They’ve constructed a fine one - and we all benefit.

Joe does some special work in helping our country in a climate of fear. Because of him many are safer, sleep better at night. And he does it all with a humble attitude. Sharon is there, behind the public scenes, patiently - humbly - wisely making it happen for Joe, family,- and me & you. Q-Beans.

They are the kind of folks who will go way beyond to care. Like taking off work for a 3 hour train to Bethesda just to have lunch & encourage us - all done very quietly.

These folks make the complex simple, show thoughtful generosity, are kind, and bless everyone in their wake - just by doing the right thing - every day, every moment, every person. The best I can do is be aware of these angels I sometimes entertain.

Im blessed to know a few - these Q-Beans - and I’m humbled & grateful - it’s what Iwant to be when I grow up - a Q- Bean!