Who You Callin' Ho?

Oh yeah, me!

Seems like the beard can pass the reality clause ( i.e. little kids with grimy paws  tugging on the beard to make sure it's really Claus). And apparently there's no need for a pillow this year - Thanks to Ol' Man Potter's Pizza! Ho Ho Ho

Was invited to sit it in for my ol' friend Nick at a Japanese preschool - along with my 6'4'' Black Elf, Karl - yeah, this should be good -  you might wanna get tickets early. Now all I need to do is learn Japanese in 8 days. Last time I tried was in a wedding where instead of "I now pronounce you husband & wife" I managed to pronounce them "Mr & Mrs Potato Head" - bride's mom was not laughing- Bride's dad was nodding yes quietly - who knew just one word could change everything?

So let's see what kind of an international stir I can cause this week - stay tuned!