The Captain's Wheel

Our little group gathers once a month for what we call The Captain's Wheel.  Acts 2 is our model where early Christians devoted themselves to the Apostles' teaching, Koinonia (fellowship/partnership), eating together including the Lord's Meal (communion/eucharist) and prayers - each aspect is a spoke in Captain Jesus' Wheel. Last week we also heard encouraging words from Karl (Eagle) Love, Tom Bell, and Don Tambini. Our special guest, Camilla Croxten told us of her missionary work in Romania - adding powerful images to her meaningful presentation. Also our worship was humbly led by our self-proclaimed worst singers - modeling humility for all to emulate. And we had a surprise visit by a couple of blues brothers known as "The 2 Old Goats. When all was said and done Tom Bell looked me in the eye and said, "This was a night of Joy!" And I think he nailed it.