A Most Interesting Conversation

Zen-Master, Jokerman, & the Saint

I’ve stumbled into a most interesting conversation, albeit in my own head, between Phil Jackson, Robin Williams , & St Augustine.”Death is nature's way of saying ‘Your table is ready” (RW) and so two beckon the third (& me) to have a seat.

Since “There’s more to basketball than basketball”(PJ) we pull up a chair wondering where this is going. Aware that “if we try to hard to control what happens, resistance builds, and reality slaps us in the face” (PJ) - all defer to the elder saint whose restless heart had raised enough hell till he found rest at last - seems like all at the table sought the same. “Have you found some rest on your journey - if so where & how?” he asked/ PJ shared some of his journey - searching, seeking to understand his Christian roots through new age lenses. Finding that “Awareness/mindfulness is everything and meditation is a tool in getting us there.” “Nanu Nanu" (thus spoke RW)- “I went to rehab in wine country - just to keep my options open” (“Comedy is a cathartic way to deal with personal trauma”) But alcohol & drugs were not enough to find rest. “You know everybody dies…the thing is to have a life before we die - it can be a real adventure having a life” - to which St A nodded, fully aware they were sitting in a more real place at the moment. RW “You’ll have hard times but it’ll always wake you up to the good stuff you weren’t paying attention to.” “If we can accept whatever hand we’ve been dealt - no matter how unwelcome - the way to proceed becomes clear.” (Thus spoke the ZenMaster). Here the Saint spoke his hard found truth. “The heart is restless until it finds its rest in Thee” To which all lent assent - for their journeys had taken them in different, yet similar directions And so we’ll let the coach’s remembrance of his father be the last word for now. “Arguing is not where faith is. That just feeds the ego. It’s all in the doing.” It was a most interesting conversation.