Hi Sign Cuz'n Suze



Dinner over, neighborhood gathers

(Kidz that iz - Hi Sign)

Time for adventures of course

Bikes & forts& mischief on the golf course

Soon the setting sun - too soon

McDermott makes his rounds

Chasing on bikes breathing mosquito fumes

(Explains a lot - “Damn McDermott” you say)

Now nears the end of day

There at dusk we gather at the lamppost

Monks & Smiths, & nit-nat-nu-nats all come

Hide & seek every night - summer ritual (Hi Sign)

Count to a hundred all scramble to hide

Hoping when you’re “It” not to be ditched

Holding our breath as “It” walks by

Waiting for the call “All ye All ye oxen free

(Whatever the hell that meant we never knew

But soon we will - soon we will)

As the darkness deepens - Parent calls call us home

Lightning bugs light the way

And so is life for you & me, Suze

We hide God seeks - invited home - finally free

And so it shall be for you and me (Hi sign!)