I hate to wait - how about you?

But there's different kinds of waiting, says God, & they're all bundled up in 3 prepositions - Let me dangle a few in front of you:

1. Wait on the Lord: That's taking the role of a waiter - serving (a la Jesus washing feet) - serving people in the name of the Lord and being attentive as to how best do that.

2. Waiting for the Lord: This is perhaps the most difficult for God's time is not often ours. I'm in a rush to 'Git 'er done' but God seems like He's got all the time in the world (which he does). It requires patience, faith, & obedience to wait for God to act and then to join in.

3. Wait upon the Lord: this is maybe the most important because it helps us to do # 1 & 2 above . It's just being in the Lord's' presence; Being with God; Communing with the Lord - This is time well spent for it gives us discernment as to how to serve in patient trust - it means putting the relationship with God first and allowing the rest to follow.

In Hiis way, in His time, & in His pressnce - all worth waiting for!