Me & Jack #6

Well Dr Jack Nuckinfutz has been at it again. Takes off for the Philippines for 3 weeks (why? Who knows! Hence my name for him). Dumps me on some Chinese lady I’d never seen before and this blues guy friend of his. “Nee How Ma Baby Done Left Me “- What the Gehenna?

So he goes to the Phil’s, gets shaken down by cops - And even by the people he was trying to help. Poor bastard - ya gotta know they see him coming a mile away. Finally drags his sorry ass home and what does he do? Gives me a bath ! Which is tantamount to the Tweetster & Rocket Man trading war whoops. Well i got outta there quick and tore around the house knocking all pillows down (the ultimate rebellion - ready for Berkeley?)

Then there’s a couple of incidents where some pizza was missing -Who got blamed? The dog of course.” I was framed I tell ya’ “-And he did - frame them - pics of me with a piece of pizza hanging outta my mouth. Pepperoni. Well now I’m in the dog house Jack kicked me outta bed like some Rod Stewart song.

One final bitch I got. Dr Nuck gets home from the Philippines and decides to put A/C in our house. Says it helps his asthma & he sleeps better- -now I’m freezing my ass off and Dr Nuckinfutz is sleeping like a baby - big wuss