Suzy's Bar & Grill

Gospel Lunch

Brent George Band - When I left there was no roof left - they'd blown it off - Brent took the crowd higher up with his original Blues & Rock creations- all done in a bow-tie!. Randy's bass & Eddie Gonzo's slick licks provided all Brent needed to "scorch" the frets. Snow provided the perfect vocal complement to Brent's - and "Trump-Pete" worked his magic on the horn - all of it done in gratitude of God.

Sunday monthly Gospel Lunches were the brain child  of "Tiki" a lady with soul & savvy (Think Bonnie Raitt) who has taken a stand - leading the bar crowd into praise of the Originator of all good gifts. This was my kind of church - and more importantly the kind of place you'd find Jesus hanging out. (a bunch of us from Captain's Wheel surely did.)

I saw Stevie Ray's last concert before he died - I do believe the mantel has been passed - to the man in the bowtie.

brebt G.jpg