Me & Jack # 9

Been awhile since I took up paw & pen – and much has happened.

I’ve amazed Jack with my ability to flip 360s on a dime – blew him away the other day with 5 in a row – no big deal but he’s easily amused.

He dragged a tree into the house the other day – had some white crap on it that got all over the house – have no idea what that’s all about. He’s an odd one.

One night, late, I heard a crash coming from where Jack was sleeping. I dragged my sleepy butt up and went to investigate. Well there he was – on the floor – with a blanket and lamp on his head- tables turned, water all over –said he fell out of bed and cracked his head – lying there – said he had a dream – must have been a helluva dream. Poor Nuckinfutz – I pity the fool. Think I’ll get him a helmet to wear for this day he dragged the tree in for.

Shipped me off with the Chinese lady again. Says Im going on a date – with Olive (now what the hell kind of name is that for a dog – something you put in a martini!) Well turned out we went to a big park with a bunch dogs running around sniffing each others’ butts – now theres a fun date! How does he think these things up?I tolerated it but I missed Happy Hour.

Jack got fed up with my licking – got on his lap machine (thus displacing me again) and googled “Dog lick” – says I don’t get enough exercise or affection – damned straight! So he’s changing his tune and playing with me more wherein I threw him a bone when I turned 5 360’s.

Final gripe – He cant get it through his head I don’t eat dog food. Keeps trying to feed me that crap – I like hot-dogs – heated. Well he keeps trying & I keep giving him the disappointed look. He sighs and goes to get a hot dog. Well-trained Id say – Damn wuss.