Servant Quarters

“He was among them as one who serves.”So it is said of 2 of my heroes: Jesus – and Gayle D. Erwin. One you might have heard of, the other maybe not (and I’m pretty sure he’d like to keep it that way).

Gayle plays a one-string guitar - portraying Jesus as servant – leading by example, not lording it over others, humble, child-like, least, last, not using force, no selfish ambition, not concerned with reputation, being human (real), obedient to the Father even to death – for the sake of others.

With a twinkle in his eye, a story in his pocket, a great sense of humor, and colorful suspenders, Gayle Erwin travels the world telling stories that carry The Story, encouraging countless many in living the Jesus Style.

I’ve been listening to (and watching) Gayle for about 40 years and I’ve learned a multitude of important things: being other-centered, how not to be manipulated, how to lead by example, letting love cast out fear, etc

Recently I was invited to his and Ada’s 60th Anniversary party – to me such an honor – and there they were being among us as ones who serve.

Have a look or a listen for yourself at   The Servant Quarters