Read it, now've seen it - The Shack, that is - and loved it -tears steadily fell the whole movie - i could finally point & say, "Yeah, that's what i believe!"

Imaginative faith/faithful imagination is in short supply these days - either squelched by church folk who really need an enema or cynically dismissed by the pseudo- intellectuals who need to learn wisdom from the childlike. For those who have at least cracked open their imaginations or faith, it hits home and points to home.

Why? 1. It gives us an inkling into Trinity (Papa, Carpenter, Holy Wind) and why it matters - the relational unity, humility, & love between them models the oneness we are created for. 2. Lady Wisdom (See Proverbs) skillfully dethrones us from our arrogant playing of God in our evaluations & accusations of people & God 3. We are given powerful tools to forgive the unforgettable & be restored in our most painful relationships. 

Bonus: scene on the porch where Papa (really a Black Mama) wearing shades & appears to be chillin' replies "You have know idea what I'm working on." 

Read it, see it - let me know what you think