Learning to Grieve - Hopefully

Me & the Blog have been a-grieving our losses these days - seems so many, many kinds - and the trick is to "not grieve as those with no hope" (St Paul who had more than his share of losses) - to learn to grieve - hopefully. I'm not done - got a long way to grieve , but I share what I'm learning:

1. It is a learning process - doesn't come naturally - needs some intentional work - it's an inside job

2. We each mourn our losses differently - and it's important to free other's to do so - but for many of us it means making the move from resentment to gratitude

3. It's ok to grieve - very important to do so - if we don't it tends to come out in destructive ways (to others and/or self)

4. The challenge is to grieve productively - to move through the different stages - to not get stuck in the Valley of the Shadow of Death but to walk through.. Therefore it seems important to set limits - maybe 40 days is a starting point - and to limit the time each day. And to let god work.

5. Grieving hopefully means hanging onto the promises: "Let not your heart be troubled - trust me - where I am (after death) you will be also." Bet on it.

Well those are some starting points - let me know what you've found to be helpful 

And, oh  yeah, my 40 days os up - me & the Blog are back!