Wisdom Crying Aloud in the Streets #1

Sometimes, Wisdom seems like wifi: all around me - just waiting to be accessed. Here's some examples:

1. I've wanted a black 3-speed English for several years- God knows why. On the way home the other day, out of the corner of my eye (could it be?) - yes! & For Sale - 1962 and reasonably priced. So Mr Toad road his new toy home, and every day thereafter - for 1 week. Then, while going to the mail box. a truck stopped in front of me and a car zoomed past my side, thus pushing me toward the curb whereupon i was launched - landing on the cement, hearing my rib pop - unable to get up. There I thought, "Kids bounce - old guys break" - wisdom obvious to my 2 sons whom I now provided with another Dad story for family lore - and most other folks. But it took wisdom ,- literally crying in the streets (only i was doing most of the crying) to teach me her lesson - which now, as I terrorize the neighborhood on my !962 3-speed English racer, i have seemed to forgotten - but the pains of old bones serve as a reminder,

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