Diffusions of Innovations

Things are happening in The Wheel - Wind & Fire kinds of things -- No PR No Pc +No BS kinds of Things - It's alive & it is electric

Mr Tuan Peng & Dr Tom Bell are the catalysts of our discussions on Diffusions of Innovations https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diffusion_of_innovations  in dialog with the Hebrew Prophets -currently Isaiah- as we ask the essential Q: Why? in an Apple-like fashion vs an IBM approach

We launch from sh'ma (Hear o Israel-Church...Love God, Love neighbor) and allow it to be enfleshed in our life together- Something is unique about us - besides laughing too much & eating too much pizza (see Pastor's side profile). We "Early Adopters" seem to be actually loving God & each other - causing those hungry for authentic to come check it out - for God really does seem to be up to something in our very midst.

We can't sing or use hi tech or even make a group circle- but we are hungry to know God & His Word- to love & serve His people - We're just  bunch of religious ragamuffins refusing to play church but rather be Church - seeking God's Kingdom first, being led by Captain Jesus, - we hoist our sails waiting for Spirit-Wind to take us to uncharted territories. You are always welcome aboard. Currently docking at The Hope (Pennsylvania & 255th, Lomita on Tuesdays at 7pm and Sundays at Hesse Park in Palos Verdes at 10:30am