Me & Jack (Part 2)

Well I've been here 3 weeks- looks like I'm staying- and have things just about under control:got the couch, got the bed , got the Throne (previously Jack's chair) - got the lap  - & all is well. 

Ive taken on the job of protector - gotta keep those 2 Pit Bulls in line next door,, guard against intruders (Jack calls them guests - whatever - they're intruding on my turf is all I know) - and of course I gotta protect Jack & the throne

Jack's son brought his dog Illy for a visit. We had to stake out territories right away. She got near the throne - i took over- leaped from couch, squared off & mad-dogged the intruder intensely.When feeding time came - Illy ate a little & i ate the rest (ya snooze - you lose). Jack said i was rude - I said "o Jack u wuss - it's a dog  eat dog world - Jack said i was just an appetizer for the 2 Pitts next door and then "Who said I have to act like a dog" I said, "Congress" & then we argued politics until we both got a "Russian Concussion". 

Later that night I tweeted to  Illy, "I'm sorry for being rude & greedy. Please come again & we'll give the Pit Bulls hell" Illy twittered back, "Please come visit me in SF". Jack got tears. Damn wuss.