Me & jack (Part 3)

I had a bath… I ate a rat…It was quite a day

Jack has a thing about being clean – takes two showers a day – expects me to take one once or twice a month – ya’ gotta be kidding me!. I can hear a bath coming a mile away – and I head for the hills – But Jack isn’t as dumb as he looks – he locked all the escape hatches & I was done for. So we took it to the mat. We wrestled it out & he won – barely – but I wore him out – taught him a lesson, I’ll be quicker next time.


And then there was the rat. Don’t know what the big deal was. I found the rat – dead & half decomposed. I just got the backbone out & he came freakin’out & took it away – helluva nerve. ( I gotta start my own stash.). Don’t know what he has against rats. Such a wuss.


So baths & rats – these are the things that try a dog’s soul – yes we have them - but sooner or later I will have him trained – you can bet on it!