Me & Jack

Hi I'm Marley - just rolled into town. Some bald fat guy  I call him Jack) filled out papers, put up cash & waited a long time for me. See I was part of a family but they had another kid & no time for me so they "returned" me -like I was an unwanted toaster. Jack bought me back - don't know why- i can be a pain in the ass - he says its a "God thing" - says he's a pain in the caboose but God rescued him & wants him - lots of God stuff around here - guess I can live with it. But then there's the jazz crap he plays - have you ever listened to that non-sense? Well I get even - i steal his underwear & bring it out to the living room for all to see - he gets embarrassed (get it? bare assed) serves him right - all that jazz. And i got this word stuff from him. He plays with words like toys - puts them in stories - tells them, writes them, sells them.

His friends all say I remind them of Benji - some super star dog i hear he had - I can't possibly live up to those standards - I'd rather steal underwear - lick him on his face when he plays the jazz stuff. So annoying, but I can put up with it  while I guess. I mean who else would want me & feed me & play with me & let me sit on his lap while he does the word stuff? hmmm oh yeah I know who - same One who made me & Jack (hint for slow hounds: DOG spelled backward). 

Well I'l be reporting in from time to time & I'll let u know what this crazy bastard is up to - he's got some real LuLus  ready to hatch soon. So stay tuned. I m gonna go sleep now - in his bed of course - where else - I own this place!