Me & Jack (part 4)

He’s getting’ on my nerves. Thinks he owns the joint. And he’s got something up his butt about that chair. – the battle for control is on – a game of thrones – he’s going down –oh my what’s that? I am airborne – wait – smooth landing - & he’s got his serious face on (hard to take him serious without that beard) – yeah he shaved – looks ridiculous – “Some people say there’s a woman to blame – buy I say it’s his own damn fault” oops that’s in Margaritaville- fool’s still lookin’ for his long lost jigger of salt (I hid it)

He does feed me – and gives me snacks – and a bone – I can say that for him. But he doesn’t appreciate my alliance with the Pit Bulls next door, not our neighborhood choir practice – (“Howl Fest” he calls it) ; I am, after all, protecting his ass. Boy I have a lot of work to do. And I do love the weird little man – he just doesn’t understand the fine art of licking . Wuss.