Me & Jack (Part 5)

Marley here... As in Bob & Ziggy... I'm a Rastafarian mixed-breed Terrier... Stick that in your pipe & smoke it! 

Well it was a pretty good week until the cheese was missing. Jack's pepper-jack cheese. "Who took my cheese?" he demanded. "Hey, good name for a book" I sarcastically replied (His Jersey attitude is rubbing off on me). "I only moved it (haha)". The fact that it was lodged in my gut seemed irrelevant at the time. Well as we battled over semantics he forgot about the cheese. i didn't.

For all his quirks & oddities Jack really tries... too hard. He found some stuff to spray on me to rid me of fleas - damn near killed me - and the fleas were not impressed. But he brushed me, it felt good, I looked cute (and I knew it) - the hounds didn't stand  chance.

And today he got magnanimous (heard it on Jeopardy) - he took me to the beach. After a half-assed parking job, and dropping meter coins all over the car, we got out for a walk - going where only a few thousand dogs have gone before. He was so enamored with the ocean view - I only smelled dog pee. But he forgot the pooper scooper bags & stressed over what to do if i did hunker down - so, naturally I faked it a few times watching him freak out - such a wuss - a magnanimous wuss -  Makes you wonder who the master really is - doesn't it?