The Marley Chronicles

Me & Jack #10

Well it’s been quite a month for me – important changes – Ol’ Jack is waking up and we’ve made significant strides in his training.

First , he finally found some food I like. Says he looked all over and I’m picky. If he just asked me I’d tell him: Trader Joe’s – Yeah baby now we’re talkin’ some serious grub right there among all the Tree Hugger crap.

Then he did some research to see why I’m always licking (everybody & everything). Jack says it’s because I lack attention & affection – I’ll certainly take that, but the real reason is I just want to annoy him & his bozo friends who think they’re hot stuff – all they need is a little licking to face their pathetic realities.

Anyway, Jack started playing “chase” with me – where I can show off my moves & speed- leaving Fat–ass behind huffin” & puffin”. And he’s more affectionate now – whoda-thunk-it?

And then to beat all things Jack took me to the Beauty Parlor where I had a shampoo , my nails done, and a trim which was ok till they put the girlie bandana on me – Yikes!

Went on a third date with Olive. Chinese lady took us to the Dog Park for a Sniff-a-thon”. I heard the third date was the magic moment – but then I remember someone rearranged my plumbing.. What is a dog to do? And besides Olive is a girl too – hmmm “not that there’s anything wrong with it” – wait- parts missing – omg. Guess I will just have to  hump Jack’s leg some more (Another opportunity to annoy him)

Well all-in all its ben a good few weeks – Jack is coming along nicely – But he’s still a damn wuss.  Pray for me.

(Except from "Do Not Despise the Day of Small Things" Coming June 2018)