Marly's Finale

Marley’s Finale

Yeah Finale. Better to go out leaving them wanting more – unless you live with Jack.

Haven’t written for a while  - situation normal – all Jacked up.

My mission has been accomplished - as Tweeter & The Rocket Man say. I took over the chair, have couches under control, the bed is mine – he’s dancing to my tune (which so happens to be a Wailer’s hit)

But then Dr. Nuckinfutz discovered girls – yeah, at 63 – told you he is slow. Took E harmony to get him up to speed. Actually, there were three, but it was one in particular that made him look like he had a Novacaine overdose.

“I found a girl, beautiful & sweet” ( Ed Sheerin  slop) – Jack listens all the time – makes me barf. Did I say “Young”? I asked Romeo whether she had finished Jr High – whether anyone was left in the cradle- and had he forgotten his age?

Jackster says that’s precisely the point and cites Lincoln: “Age is a matter of mind over matter – if you don’t mind, it don’t matter”. Lincoln? Now there was a real beauty!  Jack says that’s what Princess thinks- age doesn’t matter -  (Yeah as long as u have a nice stash of bones as my folk say). Well, my dear Jack, you got neither – beauty or bones!

Well that sent Ol’ Jack into a bit of the blues. Picked up his Bb harp and headed for “The Shed”- where he plays & prays his way outta his most miserable self. All I know is I got the remote. (Damn Wuss)

Stay tuned as our Saga unfolds: Will Jack pop the Q and if so when? Who is this mysterious Princess and from where? What will Princess answer and why? How will Mama Cuzzi deal with her nut job son and new great-grandaughter – a penguin named Q? What will happen to  Captain’s Wheel?  What will become of Marley (Yikes I smell competition – and I hear she’s’ smart - unlike Dr Nuk) – but if she’s so smart what does she see in Jack? And where’s the Chinese Lady? Can she & Olive save Marley? Oh my!  

Stay right here - Marley got the scoop, the poop, and will keep ya in the loop.

(To be continued)