Marley's Finale Part 2

I decided to get the hounds on the trail to see what Dr Nuck was up to. I howled for the usual suspects NuNu the Pit, Charley round-the-corner and my co-snifffer, Olive, to get this clown under surveillance - To watch jack’s every move. After all the GF could threaten my alpha-ness - so we did a cruise around the neighborhood to see what we could turn up.

All we could turn up was sighs, lies, and damn flies. The only trail with promise was the word over heard “on-line” where Jack and GF met and “chatted” – such a wussy word (thus fitting Jack) Chat? What did they chat about? It was rumored that a lotta laughter came from that room and that Courtly practice and poetics were honored, battles with dragons occurred, and a small fairy tale was written – ya’ gotta know something’s wrong right there! OMG – he is such a wuss. Yet  seldom was  overheard a discouraging word and the deer and antelope are still playing – there in a Chat room

It was then that Olive discovered something important. She overheard Chinese Lady say something about the Philippines – and she traced the clues to Jack making a trip to ”Oz” of the northern islands. She rounded us up and we stowed away in the underbelly of the plane- for 16 hours!

When we got out we sensed Jack’s trail and followed carefully onto a hotel shuttle – nice hotel! – with its own mall. And there we saw Jack and a mom & 2 girls looking in the window of a jewelry store! They were discussing something seriously and then were nodding in agreement, smiling – What the heck – ohhhhh a ring!!! Dr Nuck was buying a ring – and he had that goofy face he wears when he’s “in love” – You do the math…

Still, questions remain: Who is the mystery woman? Where is all this going down? When will we all know? What the hell is this? And Why is it such a mystery?

 Next time – Watch Marley unravel the clues and face his competitor- not the one he expected. See what happened at Grandma’s Rock that changed history. And get a look at the Blueprints recently discovered In Ozimis.   Oh my!!!

Diamond Conspirators

Diamond Conspirators