Do Not Despise the Day of Small Things

My 2nd book came out this week.A companion to Dusting for God's Fingerprints, Do not Despise the Days of Small Things weaves together imagination, faith, and real life experience to discover God at work in the small ordinary events of our lives. Holy ground is found in a small town square in "Re-enchantment," in a Japanese lakeside cabin, in "Take Off Your Shoes, and in an ancient story "Beating around the Bush." Small things are often the stage upon which God shows up - in a cancer treatment facility ("Parade of the Imperfect," a coffee shop ("At Roady's"), in baseball ("It Ain't Over Till it's Over," and in a family recipe ("Caduffles"). The poetic seasons the prosaic in "You-Turn" and "Surprised up a Tree." And in the dog Marley's journal ("Me & Jack") is found the key to not despising our days of small things.

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