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Ephesians 1

Paul, jazz messenger of the J-Cat, by the strong desire of  The Composer – to all the jazz cats in E-town, to the dedicated musicians, jammin’ & joined to Sonny, the J-Cat.

 A generous amount of undeserved kindness from The Composer, Big Daddy of ‘em all, and his protégé, The J-Cat.

 We salute the Composer and his son who has bequeathed upon us inner, intra, and inter quality of playing in very real places.

We have been selected to play with him before time (stop & dig that a while). Why? That we should be dedicated to the tune, and play without mistake before him in the presence of his self=giving toward us union cats

 Before, way before, He hand-picked us who belong to Sonny’s band, to be family – and He was mighty pleased to do so.

 We tip our hats & trumpets to the wonder of his generosity, wherein, because of the Son we are fully welcomed to play as sons.

 He, the Master Musician, knows how to make our amateur mistakes sound good – though it cost him dearly- some mo’ undeserved good stuff.

 He plays toward us very wisely, thinking way ahead of our band.

He has let us know the tune he wants us to play. It was previously very difficult to comprehend, but now hope has been made simple by how the J-Cat lived the tune – and the Composer was very pleased. Can you dig it? I knew that you could!

 The tune goes something like this: when the cats get jamming, music sweet & full, everyone is invited (sound the trumpet, now) – gather to play together in harmony with the Composer’s lead. It feels so good to jam together – down to earth and also in the E-ternal dimension.

 We have inherited a songbook and a jazz heritage – tunes selected a long time ago by him who conducts the band. So that we all should be playing tribute, carried away with the richness, the wonder, the transcendent fullness with which He plays. We get to play this way when we trust J-Cat’s lead.

 Y’all know it – when you trust him as leader y’all play so fine together: blowing your horns with truth; announcing new and good news that frees fols who listen and creates a wholeness within and between us all.

 Composer’s stamp is on you – you are beginning to play like him – like Rony does Miles. It is a promise made good by a Special Presence.

 E-folk, when I hear how you are a’playin’. Followin’, trustin’ J-cat and lovin’ your audience (they are all part of the band, after all).

 I am thankful and I pray and play for you t

Ephesians 2

 And the music made you, who were sleeping in life, get up & jump.

You been stumbling around like dead men walking  ruled by other tunes,

death dealing, listenin’ to those who do not obey the harmonies & melodies J-Cat has built into jazz theory.

Instead you’ve been listenin’ to your miserable self – wantin’ what you do not need, nor is yours for the havin’ - and the wrath of unrelenting discord comes upon your ways of playin’. And it blows.

But the Original Musician has a bank-load of mercy – he is for us – and therefore we do not get what we rightly deserve when we play a crap-load of our own selfish gigs. It’s pure gift that He makes us get up & dance, especially when we were wallowing in our own violations of His charts. We even get to sit in the best seats in the house in the balcony with J-Cat (and to learn how to play from there).

Up ahead in real time his generosity and wealth of repertoire will be on display – we shall see the master musician and hear how it is played. It’s all gift, son, got nothin’ to do with you (so don’t you be boastin’bout yo miserable self) –  just  trust Him – and play humbly & gratefully from there.

We are his musicianship, his fine tune created to play good music. God prepared the charts, melodies, & chord progressions long ago for us to play into.

Once you other colored cats felt excluded, not allowed in the clubs, called all kinds of names by the white folk. You didn’t know J-Cat and were living like strangers, illegal aliens – you did not know the Musician’s promises and you had no hope. But now, J-Cat has invited you in, invited you near – he’s done so by playing his heart out - with blood, sweat & tears.

He has created peace for us all to enter, created space for us to play in harmony by knocking down the partition built between us. He absorbed the hatred & pride and cultural clash between us – took it all himself, the blame & everything. The old rules don’t hold in this club – he’s starting a new band out of the formerly hostile groups – No more tensions in this gig, just the freedom to play together. All the rest is gone. His lynching should be enough to bring us together. He blew the trumpet loud – calling, inviting, beckoning those far off and those near – it is a mighty tune. We now have that spirit in which to play and we have access to the Master Musician.

Therefore stop acting like strangers, standing around gawking at each other – we’re now in the same band, traveling on the same bus, staying in the same hotels – it’s all in the family now. This family has been built on masters & mentors who played before, J-cat taking the lead. Now we’re all learning to play the tune together – fitting in – and something sacred is going on. You all are invited to play along, you’re an integral part of the band. Let the Master’s spirit blow through each and everyone of you. What a mighty fine tune we shall play.

That J-Cat and Composer Daddy may make you hip to the song that speaks His heart. That you may be able to see, hear, and play new songs – to play together in hope and to feel the richness of the repertoire you have inherited, along with your whole audience. That you could know the power of his playing, through us, which he demonstrated in his finest tune, the life & song of J – Cat when it seemed he was dead, he came alive, and all the crowd stood in awe – He was made 1st trumpet, far above all the power players , the great names of jazz– present & future. He has brought all musicians to sit at his feet and gathered folks – his band- to learn the tune. To play like he plays – the fullness of his ability filling all of us. Let us play as unto Him, now and forever. So let it be.

Ephesians 3

Permit me to set the stage. I, Paul, a fellow jazz musician, am doing some time because of trying to introduce the J-Cat to you who are not jazz inclined.

Maybe you’ve heard about the gig I was given – to play for you-all.

I see it as gift to wonder at. The Composer pulled the curtain back for me to catch a glimpse of my future gig. I think as you hear me play a few notes, you’ll begin to dig it – dig the J-Cat that is.

Old School jazz guys did not know how to play this tune, but some new inspiration has blown through and the major players know how it’s now played.

The new tune speaks – speaks of inclusion – non-jazz folk of all colors get to play. They get to get in on all the good stuff J-Cat has done and the songs announce.

I was invited to be a player, given gifts to play a few instruments – sometimes I shine some shoes – but with the gifts came the energy to groove – “it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.”

I was the least of the players, but in the Composer’s generosity I was allowed to play among the non-jazz folk. I got to play the unsearchable melodies & chord progressions of the J-Cat. And my, it is fine, sir.

My job, in trumpet solos has been to help folks hear the partnership in the unveiling – stuff that’s been going on since the original composition and how creation was sung into being. Yes, indeed, Yes, indeed.

So much has been going on that the high-up Fat Cats in the music biz are taking notice of our little band. They are having to pay attention to the wisdom of our Composer (who intended this all along in J-Cat). Because of him we may boldly approach the stage – we who trust him even have back stage passes.

Don’t worry too much about my hard life on the road, being thrown in the clink – it’s ok – you will eventually get the benefit. The Composer knows what He is doing.

So I just get tiny, humble on my knees before the Master – the one who plays everyone into life

I’ve asked him to get some of the good stuff your way, to energize you with his Holy Wind – breathe life right into the center of your being. That J-Cat may come alive in you and between you as you play your hearts out – and together. The good music all comes out of self-giving love. Play that way & you’ll see.

May you be able to comprehend with all the musicians the many dimensions of the Composer’s charts and may you be intimately acquainted with the Master’s self-sacrifice – it’s beyond knowledge – it will blow your mind. And then you will be filled with the life of the Composer – and play with a fullness previously unknown.

Now, let us tip our hearts & horns to the one who is able to be & do & play with an extravagance beyond our comprehensions – to help us more than we can ask or thing – giving us a power with in to play beyond our abilities.

Unto him be the applause, the standing ovations, by the band to the Master throughout all the dimensions of time, indeed to life & music without end. So, now, let it be. Jus’ let it be.

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