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Jazz motifs emerge. It is from the discordant that we might hope for creative resolution, or at least innovative progressions, and this seems a lot like redemption. And much of it is worked out playing off and with those willing. If you're one, please sit in for awhile. I hope for kind and creative interactions around meaningful topics of mutual interest. As in jazz, maybe together we can create something greater than ourselves.”     georgewbaum@gmail.com


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What if we had a "jazz-shaped" faith?

Ralph Ellison said that all of American life is "jazz-shaped."  I think that this raises a number of questions for what a jazz-shaped faith might entail.

What if...

...Christians embraced the tension and mystery of our faith?

...Experienced church like a jazz ensemble, listening to the beat of the image of God in each other?

...community meant that we felt connected not only with those that we can see, but with those who have and have yet to follow Jesus?

...the scriptures were a song with room for us to add our voice?

...every moment of life with Jesus was seen as a one-of-a-kind masterpiece?

...we knew why caged-birds sing?

...we are approaching the Christian faith in America in a way that is not even American?

...so much of what has gone wrong with America has also produced something that is right, good and beautiful?                                   

Robert Gelinas


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