Psalms 41-50

Situation + Emotions + Request + God = Resolution/peace

Asa 41 Cry for Mercy

  • (David is Sick + Absalom is trying to usurp the throne + Ahithophel - II Sam 15)
  • Joys of being kind to the poor
  • Request for mercy
  • Responses of enemies & friends (cf. Job, Judas)

Psa 42-43 Thirsting after God

  • Sons of Korah =  Levites David organized into a Musician’s guild - I Chron 6

        (Psalmist In exile near Hermon among the ungodly)

  • Songs/Meditation (+ John 4)
  • Longing for God’s house = Presence 
  • Remembering how it used to be
  • Why am I discouraged/sad + Choices
  • Psa 43Defend, Rescue, Guide
  • cf 42 Refrain
  • Why have you tossed me aside?
  • Why? + Choices

Communing with the Lord (Being “with” God) - where change comes from

Psa 44Psalm of Bewilderment -What about Now?

  • We have heard all you did in our ancestor’s day
  • Reaffirmation of trust in God
  • But what about now?
  • We haven't forgotten, violated, deserted, strayed etc
  • But we’re being killed, slaughtered
  • Wake up God - Help us

What is an area of life in which you wish God would wake up & do something?

Psa 45 Wedding Song to the king

  • to Solomon (cf Song of Solomon)
  • to Jesus/Messiah ( cf Rev 19 )
  • the King & His Bride (Eph 5)

Psa 46A Mighty Fortress is Our God

        ( Luther & Reformation )

  • Battle Song 
  • God is our refuge, strength, help - So we will not fear
  • The river that brings joy
  • Come see what God has done
  • Be still (cease striving and Know)…

Rest in recognition of God’s sovereignty

Name your spiritual enemy - read Psa 46 + words to Hymn

Psa 47King of All the Earth

  • Come clap, shout, praise God
  • Why?

Psa 48The Awesome Glory of God’s City

  • God’s presence connected to Mt Zion, Jerusalem
  • Effects on other powers
  • Meditate on God’s unfailing love
  • For that is what God is like

Psa 49Future in Relation to God

  • Listen to wisdom
  • The fate of the rich, fools,  the godly (parable Luke 12)

Psa 50God is not Silent

  • Our God approaches and he is not silent
  • Bring my people to me that I might judge them
  • What are the charges?
  • Repent: be thankful + trust 
    • Doing vs knowing

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