Psalms 11-20


What is the probable reason for the psalm’s writing?

What are the specific requests being made?

How is God perceived/make a difference?

Hebrew poetry = parallel ideas

Psalms help direct our emotions toward God

Models for prayer: situation/problem + feeling expressed + God = perspective & peace (resolve)

Hope for God’s acting in present/future is based on His past faithfulness

Enemies can be spiritual as well as physical

Zion = Jerusalem = Temple = God’s presence


Psalm 11 Overwhelmed with Unrighteousness

  • David hiding I Sam 18 ff
  • Protection: Who will you trust?
  • Foundations of law & order have collapsed - What can the righteous do?
  • “But the Lord is in His holy Temple & still rules….”
  • (cf Revelation)

Psalm 12 Help - Godly are fast disappearing

  • Concern for poor & oppressed
  • God will rise to rescue 
  • Confidence in God’s promises

Psalm 13How long o Lord?

  • Feeling forgotten
  • Struggling with anguish, sorrow, enemy
  • But I trust in your unfailing love + will rejoice + will sing

Psalm 14Fools & Their Folly

  • Fool: there is no God
  • BC they are corrupt/dont do good
  • The Lord’s assessment of humans
  • The Lord is with those who obey Him


  • create an equation for Psalm 11-14
  • create one for a current situation you are in

Psalm 15Who may enter God’s presence/worship?

  • Jefferson: the true gentleman (Lady?)


  • Make a list & match a person/ Do a self assessment?

Psalm 16   In His Presence

  • Every good thing comes from God (name 5)
  • Godly people are the true heroes (name 3)
  • You = my portion & cup (inheritance) - cf Job
  • vss 7-8 = lead to vss 9-11
  • cf Peter in Acts 2

Psalm 17 Prayer with Confidence

  • Prayer from honest lips
  • determining not to sin in what I say
  • Sanctification = process
  • Praying bc confident in God listening + answer
  • His view of God ________________ Yours?

Psalm 18 Reflection on Deliverance

  • Done with the run (Saul > David) II Sam 22
  • Surrounded & distressed
  • Images of God come from experience

Psalm 19 How God Speaks

  • Revelation thru Nature (General)
  • Revelation thru Word (Torah (Specific)
  • Psalm 119

Psalm 20 Prayer/Blessing of Others

  • Based on experience
  • A pattern for intercession
  • God or human ingenuity & strength

Discussion, Meditation, Application

  1. WhichPsalm/verse spoke to you most? Why?
  2. Which Psalm can you adapt as a pattern of prayer?
  3. Which Psalm conveys an emotion you can relate to recently?
  4. Foundations crumbling + Godly disappearing - what can we do to restore our society to Godly ways?

My take away + _________________________________

For next week: Psalm 21-30