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Toxic Faith

Healing wounds from a bad church experience

Had enough of church politics? Been disappointed, disillusioned, or discouraged with it all? A broken bone must be set correctly to heal optimely - So it is with a painful church experience - This seminar will try to help the healing of a marred faith toward a healthy direction.


Learning to Control the Controller, alter Controlling Behavior, & delete the power Controllers have over us

A seminar designed to free us by learning the sources of control, maintaining choice, power & love distinctions and the "Gethsemene Key".


In the Home, Church, & Workplace

Conflicts? We all have them. Learn to manage conflict productively through self- evaluation, identify your resolution style, construct a 3-point way to frame each conflict, develop "Win-Win" strategies, analyze "Great Church Fights" and utilize Jesus and Paul's perspectives on resolution in this seminar.

Mining for Gold

Reading the Bible for all its Worth

With a Miner's Metaphor we explore the OT & NT maps to find "the Gold". The maps - are they reliable, how  did we get them, who made them, how do we read them - to find the golden nuggets in life.

Science & Religion  

Friend or Foe? Could they be faithfully observing life according to their respective disciplines and using language to actually help each other? Science asking What, When,  & Where while Religion asks Why & Who. Both in the end wind up saying "Wow!


C.S. Lewis + Friends & Influences

Come gather at an Oxford pub, "The Eagle & the Child". Light your pipe & lift a pint as you listen in on a conversation between C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, Dorothy Sayers - and their mentors George MacDonald and G.k. Chesterton. 


Wisdom for Marriage, Parenting, & Family Relationships

Strengthing family relationships by understanding the "Marriage Triangle", divorce deterrants, singleness, how God parents, the "Lost Art of Aunt & Unclehood", and "Ageing with Wisdom & Grace"


Come to Pray, Be Prayed for, or Learn How to Pray

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. And so it is with prayer. In this workshop we will learn by doing - by praying. It will change your perspective on most everything.

"Why Me God?"

3-Part Series on Job & Suffering

Getting a glimpse behind our suffering through Job's. Dealing with Job's friends (and how not to be one). Confronting the Big Q: "Why do good people suffer?" And listening to God's answer to Job - the one bigger than Job's question.


Studies & Practices through the Gospel of Mark

Learning from Jesus, the Master, about life, relationships, work, purpose & meaning, spirituality, teaching, and our Father. Get some "Dust on Your Feet" as we take steps to follow Him closer - understanding, especially on busy, demanding, & chaotic days, how to discern what's really important to be done  versus being controlled by "The Tyranny of the Urgent".

Lincoln and Kagawa

Two godly men - from different times and distant lands - had tremendous impact on their respective worlds. In this seminar we will give attention to two models for a way through our challenging times.


Mentoring -Jesus Style

Passing the baton of authentic faith to the next generation is the aim of this seminar. Using The Jesus Style by Gayle Erwin as the goal of mentoring, and Apprentices of the Master as a way to that goal, strategies & resources are offered as a practical mentoring model.

English-as-Second Language (ESL) Bible Studies

Option #1 - A week or weekend course in any book of the Bible for ESL folks

Option#2 - A week or weekend course for instructors in developing ESL teaching strategies for the Bible

Option #3 - Holding Options 1 & 2 during the same time period


Life-lessons from Israel

Free Bonus Session for each of the seminars & classes above.

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For questions or booking info please contact me.